2. 2013.08.26-27.Mon-Tue.스페이스공감


    스페이스 공감 “레이블 페스티벌 ‘4생결단’” 공연에 참여합니다.

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  3. 2013.08.11.Sun.음악페스티벌 [콜트 불바다]


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    [콜드 불바다] 음악 페스티벌에서 공연합니다.

    2013.08.11.SUN PM4-10 @ 홍대


  4. Anonymous asked: HI:)) I am Kim from Taiwan. I'm wondering if you will hold any concert in summer. :) My friends and I all like your songs very much, and we want to go to your concert. Your voice is amazing!!!

    Answered already: D Thanks


  5. Anonymous asked: Hello, I'm Kim a university student from Taiwan. Your song is popular now cause the drama, my friends and I really like your songs and your voice very much. Do you have any concert in this summer in Korea ? Cause my friend and I really want to hear your amazing voice.

    Hey! Nothing scheduled yet on this summer… which means i’m going to have quiet summer? I don’t know yet!: )  i may have very small venue concert like coffee shop. i will let you know. Thanks. love Taiwan. 


  6. Anonymous asked: 베이비 누님의 팬 입니다 ㅎ.. 혹시 공연계획있으신가요? 노래로 듣기만해서 .. 직접 한번 뵛으면 좋갰습니다

    안녕하세요.7월과 8월 공식일정이 아직 없고요. 언젠간 뵙길^^


  7. Anonymous asked: halo. I am from Hong Kong. Just wanna express my love:P I really enjoy listening to your music. You have an amazing voice. xoxo <3

    Thank you. it must be very hot in Hong Kong. Seoul, too. Have a nice day!


  8. Anonymous asked: hello :) im dayrine from phillppines.. (i'm not actually gonna ask) i just want you to know that i'm a big fan and i really love your music... i wish i could have a voice like yours... i loved all of your songs and i played it every night before going to sleep. it helps me a lot co'z it makes me feel calm and relaxed plus the meaning of it really soothed my taste. :)) i'm glad to find such a great artist.. fighting and more power!.

    Thank you. that’s very sweet. and i really glad to hear it from you. 


  9. crazyloufaa asked: hey i watched a gentle man dignity and i liked your spring i love you best song then i watched the 7 grade civil servant and i liked stranger song. may i know if you're going to do any other drama OST?

    : ) recently i did for Cyrano dating agency. 



  10. Anonymous asked: Hello BBD! Straight to the point, how can I buy your dvd? Do you do the online? Pls let me know ya. Appreciate that! Thank you!

    Hello, i have one full-length album and singles and compilation albums including “A gentle man…”. All works are not available online, but you can find some below.


    and listen and purchase